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14 Marketing Lessons You Can Learn From Donald Trump To Skyrocket Your Success

14 Marketing Lessons You Can Learn From Donald Trump To Skyrocket Your Success

Love him or hate him, Donald Trump is an outstanding instinctive marketer. His campaign offers many lessons in marketing and communications strategy; some troubling others innovative.

By now, you have definitely picked a side on the very bizarre and eccentric race to the white house and if you are still in the dark about the 16 republican candidates trying to woo you, then surely you would have heard about the big, rich, loud, arrogant personality rocking the polls and trumping the ratings, I'm talking about no other but the Trump. Yes, Donald Trump.

If this name isn't a household name at your family dinners or at the gathering with your boss, you may be living in an igloo or under a rock.

Regardless of what side of the political fence you are on, it is very apparent that Donald trump is no apprentice when it comes to marketing and brand management.

Here are 14 marketing lessons you can learn about Donald Trump that is sure to skyrocket your online success:


Create a Character. 

Big, brash, loud, ugly, crass with a comb-over, "The Donald" created a persona – the strongman — that was consistent throughout the campaign. He set himself up as an outsider with the unique ability to assess and critique everything and everyone. He repeatedly and consistently claimed business expertise, practical wisdom and common sense regardless of the facts.


Flaunt Convention.

Trump broke the mold for Presidential candidates. Courtesy, consideration, thoughtfulness and decorum were ignored in favor of ego, bombast and insults. Deviating from the norm drew spectacular unearned media and regularly hijacked media cycles. Trump was not concerned with being polarizing.

In fact, he consciously created OMG and WTF moments. Playing the gruff outsider untainted by political or military experience energized his core supporters who evidently ignored repeated accusations against him and some obvious facts. Trump routinely surprised and flanked his competitors with one outrage after another using tactics they wouldn't follow and couldn't stomach or counter.


Know Your Audience. 

Trump grasped and channeled the repressed anger and frustration alive throughout the country. Ironically, a billionaire positioned himself as the champion of the people. He rallied demographic groups at the other end of the economic spectrum and offered an alternative to two clueless parties who failed to understand, anticipate or respond to their primary constituency.


Keep it Simple. 

Trump's wall, tax cuts, bad trade deals, claims of a rigged election and opposition to Obamacare were clear unambiguous tent pole ideas. Slogans and catch phrases trumped nuance and subtlety. Everyone knew where Trump stood, regardless of his or her appreciation for his point of view. His secret plan to take down ISIS and "Make America Great Again" stood in contrast to the more carefully phrased and heavily calculated positions of his opponents.


Label the Competition. 

"Crooked Hillary", "Little Marco," "low energy Jeb," Lindsey Graham the "idiot" and "Lyin' Ted" positioned and poisoned the competitors and sowed fear, uncertainty and doubt among voters. Trump carved out a positioning and sidetracked the policy conversation by demeaning others. His competitors were defined by Trump rather than by their own proactive marketing.

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