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Website Conversion Rate

2 Unique Ways to Increase Your Site’s Conversion Rate



Here is a question I was recently asked by one of the subscribers to my Coaching Program.


“Pasha How can I make my web site become a selling machine?”


Here’s my answer.  To make your site sell more, YOU must MAKE it sell more!


Not impressed with that answer?  Wait.  Before you stop reading, note the ALL Caps on “YOU and Make.”


Here is what everyone forgets.  You really have to study your site, put yourself into the shoes of your customer, figure out what is wrong, and then, MAKE your site sell Better.


There are two important ways that YOU can MAKE this happen.


  1. Put aside a morning. You and your smartest staff, pretend you are the customer.  Start at your opening paragraph and move through it in the way that a customer would.


That is the “You as customer” approach


And her is the second way to do it.


Do usability testing with real, live customers.  This is absolutely invaluable.  But it takes more effort to organize.  So most people never get around to doing it.


I’m always doing usability testing and I’m always amazed at how much I learn from proper usability testing.  I mean it.  You just can’t know what “total Strangers” will do.


They get lost.  They don’t see a button that you wanted them to see.  They complain out loud as they move around. You will learn tons and you will have a better web site.


Most of you will read this and do nothing about it.  Those that do, will thank me in an email.


To start, you should pick a nice, quiet time to review your site, allow no interruptions.  Go online, with a cup of coffee.  Start your site review.


Ask yourself the question. “What is killing my sales?”  it could be weak or counter productive phrases.  Do your pages take forever to load?  Eliminate them.


My coaching website has a great conversion rate. I would say that 10 out of 100 people who go there, sign up.


But so what?  It’s kind of like the baseball player who earns $55 kazillion for batting .333.  He gets paid to fail 2 out of 3 times.


What does that have to do with Sales?


Good Question.


Even with my excellent Conversion Rate, the site “Fails” to get a customer to sign up more times than it succeeds. 


Remember, visitors don’t stumble into our site out of the ethers of cyberspace.


Every visitor had at least some idea that was about ways to create customers and grow the business.


So why wouldn’t a person sign up for the Coaching Program?


If you find big blocks of common answers, you will have a strong lead on how to improve your site.  If you can overcome or eliminate common reasons, you will be able to multiply your Conversion Rates.


You should be reviewing your site at least on a weekly basis and you will be surprised at the ideas you will be getting on how to improve it.


Well that’s it for this Issue.  Next time I’ll write about another solution to problems you might be having and how to reverse them. If you need step by step instructions on how to implement this and other ideas I give on Creating Customers. Please go to and sign up for my one on one Coaching program.  You can’t lose by investing in the growth of your business.  You probably Tip more than your investment each month. 


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