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New Mindset New Results

The simple mindset fundamentals that you need to adopt to have the life of your dreams.

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Know exactly what you want (these must be your dreams, not things that others want for you, or things you think that you should want).


  • Believe whole heartedly that you can achieve your dreams, so much so that nobody or nothing can stop you from believing in yourself and your ability to get there. Barriers to a strong self belief include:


  • Lack of results: This is simply a challenge to overcome, it just means you haven’t had results YET. If you keep working your plan, and perhaps adapt when there may be slight holes in it, then you will get there.


  • Lack of support from others: This is often due to lack of belief in themselves and you cannot afford to let it dampen your own self belief in anyway. Make sure you surround yourself with people who are positive influences on your life, and preferably have people that you mix with that you look up to and wish to emulate.


  • Have a strategy in place that you are following on a daily basis to get closer every day towards the fulfilment of your dreams.


  • Develop a strong passion for learning, and be extremely positive about tricky challenges.


  • Eat well balanced meals and exercise on a daily basis. Preferably find a sport or something that you enjoy and makes you want to keep doing it regularly. Even better if one of your dreams involves exercise to get there.


  • Love your life as it is now and enjoy the challenge and the journey.

The hardest thing for most people seems to be to do with self belief. It leads people to procrastinate, to not work towards their goals with enthusiasm and determination (instead with scepticism and lack of belief, ready to give up at early obstacles).















Note: I’ve written a separate PDF called “Vision & Goals” that will bring you up to speed. You can view that here.


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