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The Secret Formula for Attracting Customers & Clients – Elite Profit System


Businesses that are thriving and growing have a steady flow of repeat and referred customers.  And they get those customers by attracting them rather than pursuing them.


Virtually every professional I know loves the idea of attracting customers & clients, and would be even happier if there was a “magic Formula” for accomplishing it.


Actually there is a formula that works like magic for attracting customers & clients to you.


First of all, this isn’t about simply “getting” clients.  It’s about attracting them to you.  It is the concept of building a business without chasing prospects, dogging down purchased leads, or operating a “Quote Mill”.


It seems that either intentionally or inadvertently, companies often train their team to build their business by pursuing prospects.


By learning how to attract customers & clients and by applying those methods consistently, you sidestep the need to pursue clients.


The first secret is to understand that people will be attracted to you by WHO YOU ARE, rather than by WHAT YOU DO.


While there will be a small group of people who will do business with you strictly based on your depth of knowledge, the majority of people will do business with you because of who you are.


Being knowledgeable and skillful isn’t sufficient to attracti customers & clients.


We maximize and amplify who we are by continually improving our communication skills, our social skills, and our integrity.  In short, “who we are“ is defined by our people skills.


When we have good people skills we:

     1.Communicate clearly and cleanly.

  1. Are relatable
  2. Do what we say we are going to do.
  3. Are professional in attitude and manner
  4. Have a positive attitude
  5. Take an interest in others
  6. Treat people with respect.


How do you improve in these areas?  The easiest way to start is by simply being more mindful of each of those people skills.


How we think we come across to others doesn’t really matter.  What matters is how others feel about US.  Therefore, an excellent way of improving our people skills is to enlist the help of others.  Ask people around you to help you.


Tell them you are working to improve your people skills and ask them which people skills they feel you are really good at and then ask them which ones they feel need improvement.


Then, ask them to point out to you any words, actions and reactions, which represent opportunities for improvement.  Not only will people be happy to help, but also they will respect you for your efforts.


The second secret in attracting clients is actually getting out, so that people get a chance to see you, know you, and be attracted to you.  The reality is that when you are in your office behind your desk, prospects never get to experience you and those people skills you possess.  The result?


If you try to get clients from behind your desk, you end up having to pursue them. On the other hand, when you get out and allow people to interact with you, you end up attracting them.


The way to successfully attract clients is to improve your people skills, and get out and meet people.  I know it’s a pretty simple formula, but it works like magic.


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