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4 Ways To Define Your Target Audience as an Elite Profit System Consultant

4 Ways To Define Your Target Audience as an Elite Profit System Consultant

Identifying a target audience can help direct your business strategy towards a specific goal. 

Many independent consultants can benefit from revisiting their target clientele, so whether you’re just starting out as an independent or looking to refocus the target market for your business, defining the clients you want to reach can help increase your return on investment by directing marketing and messaging efforts to the right audience. 

Here are four ways to ensure your services reach the right people as an independent consultant.

1. Define Your Product or Service

Before trying to identify your target audience, first think about your product or service. What makes it unique, what problem does it solve, and is it fulfilling a market need? Review all of the features your service offers, write them down, and then list the corresponding benefits that each feature provides. This self-analysis will help provide a foundational outline for the types of people likely to use your product or service.


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2. Consider Who Benefits Most From Your Business

Your work is about more than just a product or service; it’s about how you can address a need or solve a problem that potential clients have. Successful independent consultants are able to recognize those who both need and value their services. Using your feature and benefit list, think about the people who will gain value from what you have to offer, have the most to lose from not utilizing your services, and would be willing to pay what you’re charging — this is your target market. For example, if you’re an IT consultant, research growing companies looking to increase IT infrastructure, or start-ups trying to establish their business to find people who fit your target audience.


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3. Study Current Clients

Take a look at your current and past clients. List each client’s demographics, including age, industry, profession, gender, and geographic region. You can also include psychographics such as client values, interests, lifestyle and behavior. Compare these lists, and take careful note of similarities or patterns that emerge; you may find that your service appeals to a specific demographic or subset of consumers. 


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