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Elite Profit System - Go BIG or Go Home.

How To Get Paid High-Ticket Commissions Over & Over From The Same Clients!

Why Selling High Ticket Products Can

Dramatically Change How You Make Money Forever!

Go BIG or Go Home – Elite Profit System

High Ticket Affiliate Programs

high ticket affiliate programs

Make sure you read this very carefully, because it can literally change how you make money on the Internet, forever.

Okay, first things first. I see far too many excited people venturing online every single day with aspirations of making it online. This is fantastic, but is never going to be a reality for the vast majority. The people who fail more often than not – are the ones who read an ebook, take a course and/or read a dozen or so sales letters and believe they can do this with little to no investment on their part. The investment I’m talking about is NOT a time investment, but a money investment. Very few people make it big time without investing in their business. That’s a fact.


I see these very same people creating $7 ebooks to sell, or becoming an affiliate for programs that are over-hyped and sell nothing but hot air. I can tell you right now, selling $7 ebooks and promoting cheap hyped programs is NOT going to help you create a profitable business anytime soon. It’s obvious, right?


Imagine you’re Daniel Negreanu, the current All-Time money winner at the game of poker, with over $30 million in live poker winnings and another $15.3 million won playing online. Not too shabby.


Now, imagine that, after playing for hours on end—concealing your own “tells” while studying those of your fellow players—you showed up to collect your massive winnings, only to leave half your money on the table.


Who would do that?! No sane person, right? Unfortunately, if you’re making money selling products or services online, it’s very possible that you’re leaving cash on the table every single month.


Why is this? FACT: Some of your visitors and customers will buy every single product or service you have to offer. Just by having more to sell, you’ll have more opportunities to double or triple your incoming cash!


Go High-Ticket, or Go Home


This is where the real money is. Low-price sales will cover your bills, but high-ticket sales will make yourich.


I’m not talking about reports, ebooks, or even membership site subscriptions for continuity income.


I’m talking about top-tier sales, and you only need a few of them each month to live like a king. By top-tier, I mean selling products or services with high price points.


These are programs like seminars and events, coaching, and mastermind groups that cost thousands of dollars (sometimes even $50,000 or more) to join, and which net you the largest commission checks of all.


Most people will buy something less expensive, BUT it doesn’t take many of these to make you several times more money online.


For example, let’s say you have 5,000 unique people per month coming to your sales funnel, and you sell a $10 ebook to 4% of them (200 new customers). That makes you $2.000. Nice!


But now let’s take all the money off the table that’s available to you and offer a $15,000 coaching program to everyone who buys your ebook.


Even if only 1 in 200 take you up on the offer, you’d make an extra $15,000 that you never would have seen otherwise from that sale, and would make a commission check for several thousand.


Congratulations! You just doubled your income without doing anything more than following up your first offer with a second one that cost more.


Now, the key to making top-tier sales like these for big commission checks is one-on-one phone sales.











Phone Sales Has Evolved

If you’re new to phone sales—or you’re stuck on an old-fashioned idea of what phone sales used to be—don’t worry. Times have changed. There’s just no need to resort to sleazy, off-putting sales tactics in order to land major commissions. It doesn’t work that way anymore.


You see, those “traditional” hardball selling tactics don’t work with today’s consumers because they’re waymore sophisticated than they used to be. Try “slamming” them over the phone and they’ll just hang up on you. No sale, no commission—no point.


These days, if you want to generate high-ticket sales over the phone, you start by finding out what it is that your prospect wants to achieve in life. You need to know their deepest desires—and the core emotional reasons behind those desires—so you can help them find success.


The way you’ll do this is through strategic probing, which will occur very naturally during the course of your conversation with them. Once you’ve identified these triggers, you can develop a strategic plan of action that’s specific to their desires.


So, you’ll talk to them openly and honestly. You’ll find out what they have already tried to do to address their problem—and then show them how your solution is unique to solving that problem in a way that will finally allow them to achieve their goals.


[Important Tip: When discussing their problem and what they’ve done to address it, avoid saying anything that would make them feel like their lack of success to date is their fault. Blame has a way of making people shut down, or run away. Instead, try to identify a common enemy—misleading “gurus,” the economy, “the system” stacked against them, etc. By externalizing the problem and shifting the blame to a common foe, you’ll develop a bond with the prospect that will make them want to move forward with you and take action.]


Next, you’ll simply prescribe your solution as the remedy they’ve been looking for. You’ll show them how your offering is unique, how it’s going to resolve all of the specific issues they identified to you, and why it’s different than what they tried in the past.


To close the sale, you’ll just ask if they would like your help implementing the plan that you’ve put in place. It’s that simple—and not at all sleazy!


By following this process, you’ll be able to comfortably close high-ticket sales over the phone. Once you get in the swing, don’t be surprised if you’re closing over half the prospects you speak with. It’s that powerful.


Here are 5 big problems you run into when you mainly provide low cost offerings to clients:

1. Short client engagements (so you’re always needing new clients)

2. Clients get minimal results (it takes time to get results)

3. Clients don’t value you (they don’t show up, do the work, etc)

4. Need a lot of clients (since the income from each client is low)

5. A new client makes little difference to your income

I want to break down why going “low-end” creates a lot of work for

you and will practically guarantee that you will keep your income low.


The “wrong way” (what doesn’t work)

I want to show you 3 typical things you might be doing in your business now that don’t work very well, and keep you underearning.

SCENARIO #1: Offering Single sessions

• Example – $75 per session

• Problem: You need to sell 50-100 sessions EVERY MONTH to earn a good living. That’s very difficult.


SCENARIO #2: Offering a bunch of low cost items .

• Example: $47 audio recordings

• Problem: You need a huge list (10,000 people or more) to sell a lot of these. Usually people are generating very little income with these items.


SCENARIO #3: Low-Cost Group Programs

• Example: $197 per person to be in your group

• Problem: You have to be constantly marketing to get people into your group. And these small fees barely add up.


A lot of clients who come to me are offering to work with their clients on a single session basis. Or maybe it’s a package of 3 or 4 sessions.


The basic idea is this: Lets say you offer one session at a time, and let’s say you charge $75. That means that you need to work with 50-100 clients a month to generate a pretty good income.


Here’s the problem:

• That’s a lot of work to deliver your service.

• That’s a lot of work administratively to keep track and schedule all the appointments, not to mention managing the accounting and billing too.

• And more troubling than anything else – that’s a lot of work on the sales and marketing side of things to generate the amount of interest you need in order to work with this many people.


That is definitely the hard road to success.


You have to continually be spending time marketing to bring in new people for these short engagements.

Instead, you could be spending the same amount of effort (or less) on landing a smaller number of higher end clients where the engagements last longer, your clients are more committed, and you are getting paid a good amount of money.


WARNING: Charging by the hour limits your income.



High Ticket Affiliate Programs

Elite Profit System!

Elite Profit System Inc


I am going to share with you how you’re in position to make $1000, $5000 and $10,000 (total $16,000 per client)

commissions over & over (not One Time) from the each sale that is made for you.


What if you can earn more money in 30-45 mins a day than most people make working full-time?


Does this sounds

To Good Too Be True?

Well, It’s NOT


The system I’m about to reveal would let you do this. 


With your permission, I’ll give you simple & proven formula you can use to potenially make BIG MONEY in minutes a day.

Use it for a week and take the rest of the month off. Using this system for a brief period of time on the days you decide to

put in can be so easy. This can take as little as 45 minutes a day or less. And you can live a life that others can only dream of. Most people work 260 days a year and you can make BIG MONEY as little as in fews days a week.


Most people get 1-2 weeks of vacation, but you can take 1-2 weeks of vacation or more… each month.

This system is lot of fun, I know you’ll love it. Most people only make certain amount of money, but my proven

system lets you make as much as you want. I’ll show you how. It’s simple and most of the work is done for you.

Your friends will think you won the “Lottery”.


What's this "Insanely Profitable" System is all about?


Make BIG RESIDUAL Income Fast! (EPS was designed to help struggling marketers make a long lasting residual income without the headache of recruiting , selling or chasing anyone. You only need 10 people to make $160,000/month. (With EPS, just 10 average sales will make you $160k per month with a great potential to make $2 Million/Year. (Just 10 sales THAT’S IT!!)


 Done For you follow up system (You don't have to learn how to create capture pages that convert. It's Done for you.

You don't need to learn Email Marketing and complicated autoresponders systems. You don't need to learn how to write emails that build elationship and trust with your list. Our powerful system will send follow up emails to your prospects promoting your affiliate link without needing any effort from you.)


Weekly conference calls (We will hold weekly conference calls for you to invite your prospects and we will help you close the deals)


Live Google Hangouts (Top industry leaders will teach to how to build your EPS business)


Powerful Marketing tools and training (Whether you're a seasoned affiliate marketer looking to expand your products and solutions portfolio or you're just starting your online business  journey now, Our affiliate resources & tools will help you get there faster).


 No Risk (There is NO RISK on anyone who joins this program.


Get ready for the ride of your life with this never done before's the perfect system where all members profit . This is literally the best high ticket residual based one of a kind no risk system on the net or anywhere else)


If you're someone with an UNSTOPPABLE entrepreneurial mindset who's open to making a 5-6 figure income from home,… I can help!


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Hello, I'm Pasha Rana. Nice To Meet You! At 29 years old I'm pretty proud of the life I've been able to create for myself. After successfully launching online businesses and publishing my book "GO BIG or GO HOME" on Amazon & Kindle, I now help others be more successful in theirs. I'm passionate about that. I started by making products on ClickBank and have done pretty well since. I have been teaching many friends & people just like you, how to make money online with affiliate businesses, realized there could be a market in training people online on how to create their own affiliate businesses and now we offer free lessons as well as range of comprehensive training, software and support. I build successful marketing companies on the Internet. I guess above all I'm a creator. I love building stuff that people will love. I consult marketing companies to expand their revenue streams. Love helping others achieve their goals: financial or personal. That's what I'm most passionate about and gets me excited every week. I'm a strict believer that happiness is the highest form of success. If I can make you a little bit happier in this life than my hard work was worth it! I've helped succeed many... YOU'RE NEXT! Because I really like to solve problems. I like to give people the little secrets that I know will work which will give them real success! That is exciting to me. That has become my passion.” “I have a system that any business can use to quickly double their business in one year, and have locked-in customers for life.”